The Ying kou Shang hai First Tian yin Violin Factory of Ying kou lies in Ying kou of Liaoning in CHINA.The factory is a private ventures exclusively with his own investment.which research and manufacture stringed instrument specially.One of the largest-Scale base of produce in musical instrument is NORTHEAST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT'S FACTORY.The business's manager is Mr Chenhe Fu,who has ever responsible for purchase materials and The advise work of Technology Department.Therefore,He store up rich experience in which select materials and manufacture of violin .Furthermore,he bring his artistic carving's experience which store up and manufacture more year himself to ulilize.The manufacture of violin.His production is Beethoven poll carving violin and so on.It's perfect crafts manship and tone color are worth of people's praising highly,now,Chen's clan has spvng up the third generation to manufacture violin In order to seek perfect tone color and skill's manufactory craft manship's technological manufacture.They are continual study and enterprise our factory has tens of workers, who have rich experience our factory more more years . They are old technician who have rich experience our factory mainly manufacture low 、middle、and high grade violin from select materials,white base manufacture、raint、and assemble.not only does The violin get through guaranteeing the quality of product.but also The special tuner has tuned the end product of violin . because of high quality ,My factory 's violin has sold well in internal and external market ,It has well received by the personnel in a specific field .now ,The business is furtherly opening up international market. From the base of original product.the more importance is that may regulate rising and flating degree and it advance further in technology. In order to improve the level of China violin 's manufactory,strive for appreciation of international with china's violin,Mr,chen,The premier of company cordially welcome internal and external friends ,come to visit and consult with our company ,exchange each other ,and make joint efforts.
Sponsor Ying Kou Cit Shang Hai First Tian Yin Violin Factory
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